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Polen voor Nederlanders

Polen voor Nederlanders

Informatie voor Nederlanders over het land Polen

The Polish guy is truly a distinctive trend in European countries. Through the entire hundreds of years he had been characterized not just by their unique look, but additionally by incredibly behavior that is gallant ladies.

He allow the lady get first in the home or he kissed her hand… The flavor of kissing a woman’s hand, maybe perhaps perhaps not practiced in European countries outside of the ceremonial that is official had been really uncommon. This particularly Polish behavior had been created within the gentry’s tradition regarding the 16 th to17 th hundreds of years, described as Sarmatian (the nobility thought they based on the mythical Sarmatians). Not merely gallantry that is men’s uncommon. High-shaved minds with tufts of locks, clothes talking about attire that is turkish, zupan) – undoubtedly the Pole of this time brought some touch of exoticism and masculinity in to a lace-clad and frilled European countries.

Photo from the film “With fire and sword”

Much later on, within the 1980s, the mustache of striking shipbuilders ended up being additionally a bit strange.

Lech Walesa because of the employees on attack in the Gdansk Shipyard
picture: nationwide Archive, The Hague

Patterns of gallant behavior had been developed by pre-war Uhlans, with General Boleslaw Wieniawa-Dlugoszowski during the forefront. As he when had an indecent desire some lady that is noble the overall felt obliged to deliver her plants with apologies!

This type of gentleman’s behavior towards females, within one type or any other (kissing a ladу’ s hand, for example, nowadays practiced mostly by some older dudes) has survived up today. A woman that is foreign never be astonished in case a Pole insists on having to pay her bill in a cafe or restaurant. But does it imply that a modern pole could be the dream product for the spouse or enthusiast? Many young Polish women – dreaming of a foreigner – don’t think so.


Relating to paid survey conducted in 2013 because of the Bols Platinum brand name, Polish males level themselves extremely extremely, attributing to by by themselves the features that are following

  • Bravery – 96%
  • Courage – 93%
  • Defence of the partner in case there is risk – 96%
  • Class-related behavior – 90%
  • Respect and gentleness towards females – 86%

Report information on domestic physical physical physical physical violence gifts male Poles yet a light that is slightly different. In accordance with the research carried out by Feminoteka Foundation in 2012, more or less 800,000 females per experience violence and 150 die as a result of domestic quarrels year. The study will not add cases that are undisclosedbullying of a young child just isn’t infrequent either. ) Beating spouses ended up being a permanent section of peasant customs, which women accepted with humility (“he beats” means “he loves”). When expected if males respond in situations of violence of the peers for their spouses, the elected president of Feminoteka Joanna Piotrowska reacts: “They are frightened to respond. “They don’t wish to appear to be mollusks or hear that they’re interfering within their affairs. Driving a car of losing a macho face additionally plays a role that is major.

Males have now been women that are treating in this way for years and years. A woman received kisses of her hand, but at the same time she was treated paternalistically and with disregard in the past. A poem by Adam Mickiewicz, an eminent Polish poet associated with the 19 th century, starts with listed here words: “Woman, a vanity fluff, an adjustable creature. ” The echoes among these actions survived in the shape of contemptuous remarks about feminine drivers (a hag when driving); statements of a prostitute which can not be raped and deeply unfriendly remarks towards feminists. In this respect males that are polish seen as an exemplary conservatism and resistance to modifications that aim at equalizing the appropriate and social jobs of males and ladies and also the removal of genderism, addressed by numerous males once the innovation of crazy hags.

Picture: Renata Gluszek

Unfortuitously in addition it involves men that are young. Ladies aged 25-33, interviewed by Katarzyna Wojnicka and Ewelina Ciaputa with their subsequent guide “Carousel with men”, frequently stated that a Polish man cannot function when you look at the equality relationship when the functions of both lovers aren’t gender-determined. “They adhere to the old patriarchal concepts consequently they are an explosive mixture of a character high in buildings and also at the exact same time possessing a high viewpoint of by by themselves ” (quotes originate from: polki.pl).

Based on the painter Hanna Bakula, in Poland like nowhere else guys are entirely subordinated to ladies, which utilizing the fantasy to be a genuine macho excessively frustrates them and means they are dull. Yet another thing is the fact that they haven’t any specific aspirations, try not to pursue any individual development, and invest their spare time primarily within an armchair at the TV-set, usually consuming alcohol. A model exemplory case of such a person is Ferdynand Kiepski, the hero associated with the popular series that is satirical Kiepski Family”.

An normal Pole can also be careless in terms of look. The reality and data are merciless for Polish guys. Most of them become fat inside their thirties, plus in the years that are following get yourself a so called “beer stomach. ” a man’s that is polish also actually leaves much to be desired, which appears more very important to international women compared to the Polish people. It is hard to comprehend a tolerance that is high the next clothing sets: slippers/flip-flops or sandals used with dark socks, half-calf pants, any T-shirt as well as an undershirt. If the composer of this text mocked at this kind of model on her behalf Facebook web web page, lots of women reacted with indignation, defending clothes freedom!

Picture: Renata Gluszek

Based on Tanya Stancheva from Bulgaria, Polish guys try not to make a fantastic impression: they truly are not really appealing sufficient in them, they look too ordinary, not very colorful and, as they say in Bulgaria, they just do not catch your eye for me, there is no spell or mystery.

In big urban centers and governmental, business or social groups you will find, needless to say, elegant, well-dressed males. Understanding of the necessity for an appearance that is good the male populace of Poland is reportedly growing…

Picture: Renata Gluszek


Possibly things are really a bit better in ars amandi instance? Unfortuitously in this matter the man that is polish additionally ranked, by both Polish and international ladies, instead legislation. Permitting a girl get first during the home, kissing her hand, providing a coating – all of it makes an excellent impression at very very first, particularly in European countries, then again things become even even even worse. Discussion from the very first date usually does not have finesse, glow and humor. A beneficial example from it is television programm “First date”, where the “national male average” is reported. You can find, needless to say, plants (often) and a welcome match, however males sitting because of the tables be seemingly extremely boring and also show too little good social behavior.

Claudia Agostinho from Portugal records that “Polish dudes are way too severe; these are generally hardly ever in a position to be calm. And no sense is had bbpeoplemeet reviews by them of humor. Only if they will have a beverage, they be much more natural and relaxed. But there is however additionally one other part associated with coin – after liquor they may be aggressive, intrusive”.

The step that is next the partnership may bring a frustration. “Where may be the fire and passion? Where would be the shocks, the gluey records for hello regarding the ice box, where would be the plants and walks by the ocean? ” – asks Olga Audzeichyk from Belarus. Polish females additionally complain regarding the not enough romanticism in Polish guys.


Women gonna marry a Pole should become aware of their frequently strong relationship with their mom (and Polish mother-in-law mostly will not like her daughter-in-law). The polish man, regardless of the environment he represents, is characterized by one common thing: the tendency to abuse vulgarisms while long, long time ago a man saying it by accident in the presence of a woman deeply apologized to her as for the verbal communication.

Needless to say there are numerous interesting, smart, well-dressed and men that are well-bred Poland. The truth is, that you don’t understand where they’re. The thing is perhaps perhaps not brand brand new, because currently in 1975 a singer Danuta Rinn sang inside her great hit Where these guys are:

Where would be the males, the genuine people,
eagles, falcons, herosy!?
Where these guys worthy associated with the age,
where these lads are!?


A person of fantasy – seventeenth century knight Jan Skrzetuski, “With fire and sword”

A typical example of traditional beauty may be the politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke, regrettably, in their views – an extreme anti-feminist / picture: Adrain Grycuk

Singer Michal Szpak – a bird that is colorful picture: Silar

A/ that is pensioner: Renata Gluszek

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