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What is the the best mobile app for documenting a phone call

Easily manage your recordings. Label your recordings to retain observe of them. Play them again anytime by the handset or the speakerphone.

Conveniently share your recordings with friends or coworkers as a result of email, iMessage or AirDrop. How to Record Phone calls on an Iphone. If you want to report a contact, there are number of constraints on Android. Things get tricky when you want to record a connect with whilst working with an Apple iphone. Right here are some of your most effective choices. You want to record a call on your smartphone.

  • Ways to record a phone call effortlessly?
  • Which call recorder cost nothing for i phone?
  • Is Call Documenting Included in new iphone?
  • Just what is the optimum speech recorder application for new iphone 4?

Perhaps it truly is an interview for perform, a shopper provider contact, or a discussion with a liked one particular. On Android, there are few limits (and numerous of the guidelines underneath also operate for Android telephones). Things get challenging when you want to file a contact though employing an Apple iphone. You would assume there’d be app for that, but Apple doesn’t let 3rd-get together applications access to the microphone and the built-in Cell phone app right. Nonetheless, there are methods within some apps and solutions to get around that limitation that can make you a cell wire-tapping learn. Before you press record, be certain to notify the man or woman on the other end of the line you’re recording dependent on your location, you may possibly be breaking a regulation if you don’t.

Some US states-like New York and even the feds-only have to have one-occasion consent, which means you can history without telling the other individual or individuals. In California, all events need to know they’re being recorded-even if the recorder is out of state. Under federal law, one-get together consent is alright, but only if you are component of the convo if not which is considered eavesdropping. https://callrecorder.biz/ None of these rules are as reduce and dried as they appear (Nevada’s a person-bash consent has been viewed by the courts as an all-occasion consent).

Play it harmless: get authorization on any recorded connect with. «Forgiveness» could get litigious and high-priced, and even direct to prison charges. If you happen to be nervous, really don’t report at all. The people at Rev did a deep-dive into the laws to enable drive that tips property. Employ Google Voice. If you have not utilized that free of charge Google Voice account in a when, verify it out.

  • How does one record a mobile phone appointment?
  • Could there really be any iphone app which helps to prevent call saving?
  • Am I Allowed To legitimately record a telephone call?
  • Just how do i record a mobile phone call effortlessly?
  • How does someone record my cell phone calls?

It supplies free voice mail, a no cost phone quantity, connect with-all around service (it will ring as many IRL telephones as you want it to till you reply), and yes, even conversation recording on incoming calls. Though it is feasible to make an outbound connect with utilizing the Google Voice app on your Iphone, you are unable to history them with Google Voice. For recording to get the job done, it must be activated in configurations.

In the cellular app or or by using voice. google. com on the desktop, go to the hamburger menu ( ) > Options > Calls > Incoming phone choices . You have the possibility in configurations for calls to be answered both by way of the application itself (verify off iOS System) or by owning the simply call forwarded to your cellular selection. Both way, you are not technically performing the recording on your Apple iphone. It is really all done on Google’s servers, which tackle the Voice over IP (VoIP) connection. When you remedy calls made to your Google Voice amount, faucet four on the range pad. Individuals will hear a robot voice point out that recording has started-this is Google’s way of preserving you legal Alphabet Inc. desires no aspect of a lawsuit.

To end recording, faucet four again or hang up. You can strike the four key as usually as you like to start and cease recording. Call recordings are forwarded to you via e-mail and surface in Google Voice’s checklist of voice mail recordings. You can normally explain to the difference in between voice mail messages and recorded discussions because the latter are most likely of a more time period, and say «Transcription not accessible. «Use a 3-Way Get in touch with Merge Application. On Android, a wide range of applications can record a call instantly, unless the telephone producer blocks it.

On Apple iphone, recording cellular phone calls is blocked, period. The applications that do exist to record a connect with-and there are rather a number of-have a workaround, but it will normally price tag you. iPhone recorder apps only get the job done simply because they make use of three-way conference simply call s , both incoming or outgoing.

scandinavian women

Viking Weddings

scandanavian brides wedding celebration practices may incorporate a considerable amount of elegance as well as enjoyable to a wedding plus may be a wonderful technique to honor recent of the bride and groom. Our team have created a variety of articles about these traditions and also web links are provided at the end of this particular blog. Today our experts are examining wedding celebration lifestyle as well as traditions of the Vikings. (You can easily view excellent photos enjoy this one at Paul Edmonson’ s blog post » I Photographed A The Real World Norwegian Viking Wedding Event.»-RRB-

But the Vikings of the times of yore( I ‘ ve always would like to mention that in a proper sentence). Like Hagar as well as Helga from the Sunday Funnies (or otherwise).

Marriage used stability, acting as a technique to control foreplay and also recreation in the neighborhood. A lifestyle witha negative historical credibility and reputation for its therapy of women really operated quite difficult to ensure family member gender equal rights and also justice of and regard for women and also women sexuality. This listing discovers many Viking relationship routines, ranging from strange to enchanting.

For Vikings, marriage wasn’ t merely a union of the couple, yet of households. As a result of this, the wedding celebration was a lengthy method. Unions possessed enduring legal effects in Norse culture, impacting everything from familiar property holdings to heirloom. Consequently, various negotiations were actually accomplished before the relations to a marital relationship were officially agreed upon.

At the beginning of marriage arrangements, the groom’ s loved ones, in addition to legal delegates got together to determine the bride’ s dowry, the groom ‘ s economic possessions, set the day of the wedding ceremony, and arrange the wedding celebration present coming from the groom’ s parents. The bridegroom’ s family members, counsel, and also any type of vital local bodies to whom they had relationships delivered proposals to the bride-to-be’ s family, assuring to support as well as support them, while setting collectively helpful terms for the marital relationship.

The Refine of Marrying Was Tiresome

Because marriage was actually the center of the family in Viking culture, Viking wedding heritages were ornate as well as complex. Eachheritage and also ritual was actually viewed as needed to make the blessings of the gods, an important tromp the course to ending up being a parent, and also carrying on the Viking family.

Picking a Day Possessed Lots Of Problems

  • Traditionally, wedding celebrations were held on Friday, whichin Norse faithis a scared day for Frigga, the siren of relationship.
  • Weddings commonly lasted a week, as well as friends and family journeyed to the web site of the wedding ceremony.
  • Winter wedding events were actually impossible since snowfall provided traveling impractical.
  • Other factors included ideal lodgings, acquiring adequate food items and alcoholic beverage for all attendees for the duration of the event, and also brewing an exclusive dark beer drunk due to the groom and bride as aspect of the ceremony.

In the lead up to the wedding celebration, Norse couples were actually split up so they can strip away their previous personals prior to entering their brand-new lives all together:

Brides Underwent Habits Including Their » Maidenhood »

During these routines, women were participated in throughtheir mama, gotten married to sisters, and also various other married female family members and also buddies. This features the removing of signs of her » maiden » condition, like her kransen. (A kransen, is a circlet used in the hair byscandinavian women girls and also is a symbol of virginity. The kransen would certainly be actually stashed for the new bride’ s future child.) During the course of the wedding event the kransen was actually substituted along witha wedding crown.

The bride likewise cleaned herself in a bathhouse whichsymbolically removed a bride-to-be’ s maiden condition away.

Grooms Went ThroughPractices Involving A Sword Ceremony

The bridegroom also participated in symbolic rituals specifically a symbolic falchion event. His assistants will be his daddy, married siblings as well as other wedded male good friends.

The groom burglarized a grave to get the falchion of an ascendant, whichin fact had actually been placed there throughhis assistants. If you want to obtain the falchion, the bridegroom needed to get into the grave, and also develop along withthe saber. Symbolically it was his fatality as a kid when he got in the grave and also becoming a male. A little more challenging than the currently typical beer can easily crushing on your head as well as burping the alphabet.

After acquiring the falchion the groom possessed his falchion, he additionally visited a soak property to symbolically get rid of his undergraduate status as well as cleanse himself for the wedding ceremony.

Brides Importance Their Hair Instead Of Gowns

Viking new brides didn’ t wear and tear fancy clothing or garments. Instead, the focus got on her hair and crown. A female’ s hair was actually quite crucial in Viking society, as well as ribald of her sexual glamor. The longer, the muchbetter.

The bridal-crown that substituted her kransen was typically a family members treasure. These dental crowns were actually often crafted from silver enhanced along withcrystals and sophisticated designs suchas crosses and leaves, as well as curtained withcotton wires.

Grooms Brought Symbolic Weapons

Viking grooms didn’ t possess a particular clothing or even opulent garment he must put on. Having said that, he did take his newly-acquired grave-robbing saber in the course of the event, and at times lugged a symbolic representation of Thor, including a hammer or an axe. Sucha tool was actually symbolic of his knowledge in the union, and was actually strongly believed to make certain a productive marriage.

Weddings Was Not Regularly Really Good Headlines For Pets

When the premarital practices were actually performed the event began. The substitution of dower and also mundr (bride-price) just before witnesses will take place right away, adhered to by the spiritual event, whichbegan throughsummoning the interest of the gods and also goddesses, a method that may possess entailed a sacrifice as well as incantation. If a reparation was needed, Vikings used animals linked withthe lords of productivity. For Thórr, a goat. Freyja a plant. For Freyr, a boar or even horse. Once again, not a good day for the local area animals.

Viking Couples Traded Bands and also Sabers

A Viking groom showed his tribal falchion to his bride-to-be, whichshe maintained for any potential sons they might possess –- kids got sabers, ladies acquired pure headpieces. The new bride after that provided the bridegroom a saber of her ancestors, representing the transfer of a daddy’ s defense of a bride to the other half (similar to today’ s providing the bride-to-be tip). This exchange was a symbol of blessed union, worshiped by swami routines. The bride and groom then swapped rings to further consecrate the swears, offering bands to eachother on the handle of their brand new falchions. (Can you see today’ s 3-year-old ring carrier running down the aisle along withthe rings on the end of a sword? What could occur?)

After the Event and also Before the Event There is a Race and also a Plunging

The bridal and groom parties moved coming from the ceremony to the treat in a habit gotten in touchwithbruð& eth;- hlaup, or even bride-running. In Christian times, the 2 gatherings strolled independently to the feast. In the Heathen days, the gatherings dashed to the feast, and whoever lost the race served draft beer to the victors for the night.

Once in the banquet hall, the groom submerged his falchion in the ceiling. (PHYSICIAN Freud, phoning Dr. Freud.) The deepness to whichthe sword sunk signified the long-lasting nature of the union. (PHYSICIAN Phil, contacting DOCTOR Phil.)

Thor’ s Member Ends Up in the Bride-to-be’ s Lap

At the treat, a duplicate of Thor’ s pound, Mjolnir, was put in the bride’ s splashas she requested for Thor’ s blessing. The placement of an icon of Thor’ s member in between a new bride-to-be’ s tummy and genitals was extremely symbolic (put your prank below).

Getting Drunk on Bridal-Ale Was Compulsory

It was a lawful requirement for bothto consume alcohol bridal-ale all together at their post-wedding treat. Their union was merely tiing when they did this. The dark beer was typically honey-based mead, and the wedding celebration can only go forward if the bride and groom had enoughof it to last a month; it must be actually inebriated throughout their honeymoon.

At Least Six Witnesses Strolled the Couple to Bed So They Could Possibly Effectively, You Know

The final wedding ceremony night habit was accompanying the newlyweds to the bridal sofa. A minimum of six witnesses led the bride and groom throughtorchlight to their bedroom, where they consummated their relationship by hopping on the excellent feet and performing the poor trait. This practice existed therefore certainly there would be actually no question concerning the anointing as well as legitimacy of the marriage, and also good enoughwitnesses to clear up any sort of lawful issues that may come up.

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Automatic Dog Doors the Simple Truth Revealed and Why You Must Take Action Today

Useful for nighttime when you want to lock the doors. As a consequence of House Alone, you might have grown up convinced that dog doors aren’t only a a Criminals Welcome! Will not spend your finances on a negative high premium product, particularly when it has to perform with picking the best dog door. When wondering what’s the most beneficial dog door, you might discover the activity pretty daunting, but they have simple whenever you know what circumstances to look for. Electronic digital dog exterior doors are an terrific formula for some prevalent circumstances. They are an excellent solution for most prevalent situations. Electric dog exterior doors are an wonderful option for many common conditions.

The Basics of Automatic Dog Doors the Simple Truth Revealed

At this time there a great deal of puppy gates that you can choose from. At this time there a great deal of puppy entrances which you could pick from. Whichever kind of puppy door you in the end choose, one of the most essential aspect purchasing several may be getting the ideal size. Whichever sort of puppy door you select, one of the most critical part purchasing the first one is getting the suitable size. It may be feasible to get rid of the huge puppy door you’ve got and framework in a little bit to establish a fresh pet door.

The Automatic Dog Doors the Simple Truth Revealed Chronicles

Many sorts of dog doorways like electronic digital, automatic, bright dog entrance doors are on the industry based on the safety level, size, weather condition and far more. A water-proof dog door is a wonderful alternative if you are at this point living in a place where attempting to rains. There are numerous things you don’t need to be concerned about whenever you have an automated dog door. There are several things you don’t need to consider whenever you come with an automated doggie door. There may be a selection of things you typically will need to be fearful regarding when you have a computerized puppy door.

There are several things shouldn’t stress about after you have an automatic dog door. There are a number of things you ought not to worry about in case you have an automated dog door. Under no circumstances spend your money on a very bad huge superior item, particularly on selecting the suitable dog door. By no means spend your finances on a unpleasant high superior item, particularly in regards to selecting the proper doggie door.

Put the timer for the purpose of the door to activate only if you desire that to. Family pet doors are often made to be secure for any family pet. Based on the model you choose, automated family pet doors could be rather reliable, sealing and locking anytime they’re not being utilized. High Tech Pet door is an electronic dog door that is motor influenced and totally automatic which is considered most significant inventions with regards to pets.

Practical for nighttime when you want to lock opportunities. It isn’t hard to install within a panel door. The door is additionally vulnerable to water damage if you don’t store a waterproof release. If you choose automatic dog door an electronic dog door, make certain you have a sufficient amount of batteries to change them just about every couple of weeks or perhaps months. Electronic dog exterior doors make it possible for you to program the door to accommodate different pets. When you are a first-timer with electronic digital dog entrance doors with that type of identification, you can discover the move challenging.

CBD Processing from Hemp

CBD Processing from Hemp

Processing hemp to create CBD for medical usage is a multi-stage procedure that must certanly be done under meals security or pharmaceutical quality criteria such as for instance GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Manufacturing medical CBD items such as for example hemp oil, CBD distillate and CBD isolate also completed item make require a consistent supply of high CBD hemp flower or hemp biomass.

Picking Tall CBD Hemp for Processing

While CBD could be obtained from most cultivars of industrial hemp, the quality extracts that are best and medications originate from especially selected, bred and cultivated high CBD hemp plants.

Many hemp that is industrial little plants with small resin and a decreased CBD content of just one% to 3per cent. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Learning Appliance Repair Can Be Disastrous If You Neglect These Ten Simple Rules

This means that many of the problems that can happen with toasters can also happen with garbage disposers and hair dryers. The connection can be made out of crimp connectors, clip or spade connectors, or using U- or O-connectors. If the parts of an appliance are held together with screws, bolts, springs, along with other take-apart attachments, you can most likely create any necessary repairs. Should you don’t have a guide for an appliance, you can most likely get one — even for an old or obsolete appliance — by producer ‘s customer service section. Within this article, you’ll find out how to quickly solve many common problems with small appliances, starting with repairing cords.

Internal blower wires are usually smaller than those used for wires, which means that the judge numbers are greater. When the parts are held together with rivets or welds, don’t try to repair the machine. Proceed to the next section to learn how to disassemble a significant appliance along with also the details on grounding systems.

Appliance Cords. Fixing Appliance Cords and Wires. Call a professional service person. To test out an appliance cord or wire, first make sure that it is disconnected from any electrical supply or capacitor.

An blower cable provides electricity to an appliance. How to Service Your Own Computer: 7 Easy Matters Computer Repair Places Do. In most cases, damaged or malfunctioning appliance parts could be replaced more quickly and inexpensively than they could be mended by you or an expert. https://appliancerepairnearme.org/ Then use a continuity tester or multimeter to make sure it can satisfactorily conduct electricity. An appliance cord is usually constructed of a couple of wires and a plug. Computer repair places like Best Buy’s Geek Squad do a lot of things you may easily do yourself.

Replace any damaged or malfunctioning parts with new parts made specifically for that appliance. Together with the tester attached, move the wire to make sure that there is not a fracture in the strands that can make intermittent shorts. Twist the appliance end of the cord with metal connectors or fasteners like electric nuts. Rather than paying for a pricy malware removal or computer tune-up, it is possible to do it yourself. If you can’t find an exact replacement for the broken part, it’s fine to substitute a comparable part provided that it fits to the old space.

Also assess the standard and pliability of the cable or cable insulation. Wires. This manual won’t even walk you through identifying a failing component and repairing it . In this case, refer to the manufacturer’s directions for setup.

Whether there are any fractures or cracks that may eventually expose strands, replace the cable or cable with one of equivalent rating and gauge. In other words, a 12-gauge wire is thinner than the usual 10-gauge wire. It’s concentrated on the simple stuff — though it’s simple, people pay hundreds of bucks to do it for them. Appliance parts are offered from appliance service facilities, appliance-repair dealers, and appliance-parts stores. Electric power coming into a small appliance has to be controlled: switched on or off or varied based on temperature, time, or operate. Most small appliances use cord wires of copper strands insulated with heat-resistant plastic.

Remove Viruses and Malware. You don’t always need to attend a specific brand-name appliance parts centre to acquire the parts and service you need for brand-name appliances, so you do have some shopping/service choices. This ‘s what appliance controls . An appliance that requires less amperage to function, including a lamp, will typically have a two-wire cord of 18- or 16-gauge wire. If your computer is infected and isn’t working properly, you don’t have to pay someone else to repair it. Appliance controls include switches, thermostats, rheostats, and timing mechanisms. A single-pole switch is either pushed or moved to turn power on or off. The Geek Squad doesn’t have any magic tools — they utilize many of the standard antivirus tools you may use yourself.

To get a very deep infection, a fantastic repair place can dig up on your autostart entries and registry by hand and manually remove malware which isn’t being captured by tools. In many small appliance problems, a controller is the culprit. Multiposition switches allow set quantities of current to flow, like a multispeed swap for a blender. To find an antivirus product that really provides good security, consult an antivirus test website and see how your antivirus of choice stacks up. Nevertheless, this is sometimes time-consuming — and if the computer is already so contaminated, there’s no guarantee all of the malware will be taken off. Thus, before beginning tearing your toaster or vacuum apart, allow ‘s see how small appliance controls work — and also what to do if they don’t. Thermostats.

Kaspersky and Bitdefender consistently rank in the top of the two the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives ranks, and we all ‘ve used both products with good outcomes. In cases such as this, they’ll often only reinstall Windows. Switches. The simplest, a bimetallic thermostat, utilizes two bonded bits of metal with different heat ratings. They aren’t spare, but the majority of the free antivirus out there is bundling extra crap or trying to divert your search engine to their "safe " solution that isn’t quite secure and only shows you more ads or spies in your shopping habits.

You can do this yourself, too. Most small appliance switches are actuated by hands to restrain the flow of current in a single appliance. At room temperature, as an example, both metals are of equal length and form, permitting contact points in the circuit to touchbase.

Reinstall the Operating System. Obviously, call them first to determine if they have or can get the type of parts you need. Heat flexes among the 2 metals and induces them to pull the connections apart, opening the circuit and stopping current from passing.

Hemp vs CBD oil

Hemp vs CBD oil

Hemp vs CBD oil

Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil

While Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil are similar in a variety of ways, there are significant differences between the 2. Therefore, exactly exactly how precisely does Hemp Seed Oil vary from CBD Oil? people usually confuse Hemp Seed Oil with CBD Oil because cbd oil for sale both are reduced in THC. But, beyond that, there is certainly much more every single Oil. Today, the retail Hemp Seed and CBD areas continue steadily to grow at a amazing price. Therefore, it is crucial that clients comprehend the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil.

Can Hemp Seed or CBD Oil enable you to get high?

Neither Hemp Seed nor CBD Oil could possibly get you high. First, in terms of Hemp Seed Oil, it is impossible it may ever prompt you to high considering that the hemp seed will not include sufficient THC. While Cannabis natural Oils generally have high quantities of THC, Hemp Seed Oil only contains about .05-1% THC. THC is located focused when you look at the buds for the cannabis plant. But, because commercial Hemp is grown because of its stalks, the THC happens to be bred away from these flowers.

CBD is simply one mixture away from about 80 active chemical substances in the Cannabis plant. Unlike THC, the cannabinoid that is psychoactive CBD Oil is non-psychoactive. Health Cannabis is grown especially for its high concentration of THC, but Hemp is bred to support the cheapest amounts of THC. Therefore, once you purchase CBD or Hemp Oil in the place of Oil created from health Cannabis, you’re getting oil saturated in CBD with practically no THC.

Extraction Practices

Hemp Seed Oil is removed by pressing the hemp that is raw through the Cannabis Sativa or Hemp plant. While all the types of Cannabis flowers can create seed oil, generally speaking just Hemp that is industrial is to create Hemp seed oil. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Exactly About The Designers Making Sex Toys Less Embarrassing

Exactly About The Designers Making Sex Toys Less Embarrassing

For many years, intercourse services and products had been packed in garish colors and forms, intimidating many shoppers from driving up to a storefront that is dingy buying them. But startups are gambling that by simply making vibrators and lube with pared-back design and colors that are soft customers may well be more prone to really use them—and possibly even show them proudly inside their rooms.

Packed in a brown cup container with a black colored pump top, it may be seen erroneously as Aesop hand soap, the status cleanser that is ubiquitous. Or, no: White lettering over the front side says “Shine”—hair item possibly? Wrong once more. It’s lube, really lube that is beautiful. Lube built to look both elevated and each and every day, posh and matter-of-fact. You might keep it out if your parents visit and, hypothetically, perhaps perhaps maybe not perish of embarrassment.

Maude, the maker with this specific lube, is part of a revolution of young brands whose founders decided intercourse services and products had been overdue for the design overhaul then go about providing their particular options. The problem isn’t too little services and products, states Maude CEO Eva Goicochea. The situation, she claims, is the fact that most of them neglect to align with consumers’ attitudes toward intercourse and sensibilities that are aesthetic. The incumbents—think glittery, leopard print vibrators—have been marketed in a manner that seems too Las Vegas, too university, too evocative of exactly exactly what Goicochea calls “Friday evening decision sex that is bad.”

Leer el resto de esta entrada »

Scholarship Resources for Music Students-The after scholarship

Scholarship Resources for Music Students-The after scholarship

The following scholarship and grant possibilities can be found to senior school and college students taking part in music training and music performance. They truly are supplied here when it comes to capability of Tri-M Honor community and NAfME Collegiate people. To learn more about these scholarships, please go to the web sites referenced. Know of a scholarship or possibility that ought to be included with this list? Email memberservices@nafme.org.

Click a category below to see the scholarships:

Scholarships for Highschool Juniors Music-Related Scholarships

“The President’s Own” United States aquatic Band, with the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation and NAfME, announces the aquatic Band Concerto Competition for senior high school performers.

  • The champion will appear as a visitor soloist utilizing the U.S. aquatic Band and be given a money award. Ready to accept senior school artists (grades 9–12) enrolled throughout the 2017–2018 year that is academic. Performers of woodwind, metal, or percussion instruments may use.
  • Deadline: 15 november

This annual springtime occasion offers pupils the opportunity to audition for many college/university music programs from around the world. It is possible to audition for as numerous of this participating schools while you like. You’ll additionally find out more about each one of the programs that are represented.

This scholarship offers prize cash to pupils whom compose an essay of 250 terms or less on a music theme. The twentieth essay that is annual will commence September 1, 2019.

  • Selected pupils winnings a $1,000 scholarship and music services and products for his or her college music system.
  • Public and personal college pupils in grades 4–12 meet the criteria. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

We tell you-Why a Book should be written by every entrepreneur

We tell you-Why a Book should be written by every entrepreneur

As a business owner, just just what you don’t require? Exactly what does every business owner constantly want a lot more of, specifically for their company? Attention.

I do not imply that in the»everyone that is narcissistic at me personally» feeling. When I state every business owner desires more attention, the things I suggest is attention is key to anything else business owners want and require. It all begins with attention.

Have to offer more products? Begin with getting people’s attention, then you can certainly demonstrate to them just just how your products or services advantages them, leading them to produce a purchase. Leer el resto de esta entrada »

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